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Become a sponsor of AgriFoodLCA


Your business has the opportunity to be a sponsor of this significant event that will help position your brand as a driver of sustainability solutions for Australia.

An investment will give your business sponsorship of an event that will:

  • Present applications of the LCA methodology to agriculture and food product systems

  • Increase the uptake of LCA and related tools in food and agricultural products

  • Support information sharing and exchange of experience regarding environmental decision-making in the food and agriculture supply chain including farming, processing, packaging and storage

  • Examine approaches to increase the environmental competitiveness and efficiency of the Australian agriculture and food sector

  • Present recent developments in the methodology, approaches, databases and tools relevant to LCA

  • Build consensus around LCA methods relating to agriculture and food

  • Provide insights on how to ride the wave of business opportunities that emerge from transforming to a more sustainable society

  • Host discussions on how a systematic approach to combat climate change and promote sustainability is key to achieving a low carbon economy

ALCAS is delighted to host our event sponsors

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