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Conference program

Day 1, 23rd November 2015


9am Opening address

Conference Chair, Tim Grant


9.15am Special guest speakers

Sustainable agriculture and the global food supply chain, Dr Urs Schenker, Sustainability Expert, Nestlé

Nutrition and the global food supply, Manny Noakes, CSIRO

Greenhouse gas emission intensity and food security trade-offs in meat supply chains, Steve Weidemann, FSA Consulting



Morning tea break

11.30am Morning plenary

Agriculture trends and developments

  • Mega trends for global agriculture, Sandra Eady, CSIRO

  • Can we include biodiversity in LCA, Andrew Moore, Life Cycle Logic

  • Including soil quality in LCA - developments from Bordeaux workshop, Tim Grant, Life Cycle Strategies



1.30pm Post lunch session

Select from your choice of:

LCA in food and beverage supply chain


LCA of cropping systems

  • Application of life cycle assessment for improving the eco-efficiency of edible oil supply Chains, Poonam Khatri, Department of Natural Resources Teri University (New Delhi)

  • How sensitive is the calculated global warming impact of cotton production in north-west New South Wales to applied N2O emissions values?, Mehdi Hedayati, NSW Department of Primary Industries

  • A review of on-farm energy use benchmarks in the grain and horticultural industries, Guangnan Chen, National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture, University of Southern Queensland

  • Assessing the environmental impacts of integrated weed management strategies in pasture systems, Aaron Simmons, NSW Department of Primary Industries

  • Product environmental footprint of chicken feed products in Thailand, Prakatham Suksatit, MTEC

  • Carbon footprints of monoculture wheat and wheat-based rotations in south-eastern Australia: certainties and uncertainties, Philippa Brock, NSW Department of Primary Industries


Panel session

Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance (LEAP) guidelines, 

Sandra Eady, Stephen Weidemann and Beverley Henry


Day 2, 24th November 2015


8am Introductory session on the development of LCA guidelines for biofuels and bioenergy project for Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)


9am Conference debate

Parochiality in agrifood LCA - we need to consider potential effects of Australian production systems outside our borders?


Moring tea break

Morning Plenary

Select from your choice of:

LCA in dairy production

  • Life cycle environmental consequences of increased milk production by dairy farm intensification in New Zealand, Jeerasak Chobtang, Institute of Agricultre and Environment, Massey University

  • A review of on-farm energy use benchmarks in the dairy industry, Guangnan Chen, National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture, University of Southern Queensland. Unreviewed Paper

Agriculture methodology development

  • Form, Fire, Fuel and Fate in Forest product EPDs, Mathilde Vlieg, Evah Institute

  • Pesticide emissions on farm – consensus approach from Bordeaux workshop, Tim Grant, Life Cycle Strategies


Morning tea

Innovations in agriculture

  • Vertical farming – the future of high performance crop management, Tony Bundock, Powerplants Australia

  •  Life cycle sustainability assessment and its application potential in the development of sustainable feed production systems – An ex-ante assessment of insect-based feed production, Martin Roffeis, KU Leuven, Division Forest, Nature and Landscape (Belgium)

  • Carbon footprint of dairy products: what is the impact of different allocation approaches, Sven Lundie, thinkstep AG / UNSW Water Research Centre


Agriculture methodology development



2pm Afternoon session

Innovations in agriculture


LCA of food waste


3pm The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) presents:

Drivers for LCA investment  in agriculture, Sandra Eady, RIRDC

Panel discussion on the increasing the use of LCA in Australian food sector

Chair: Jodie Bricout; Panel: Jonas Bengston, Steven Weideman, Urs Schenker, Sandra Eady


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