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Background to conference


The current annual value of the multi-unit residential, commercial and infrastructure sectors in the Australian Building Industry is a $138 billion, with a significant share of this currently being delivered within various green building rating tool frameworks such as The Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA) ‘Green Star®’, the Urban Development Institute of Australia’s ‘EnviroDevelopment’ and the Infrastructure Sustainability Council’s ‘IS’ rating tools.


All of these tools have at least one thing in common. They are all promoting and including credits using Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). The credits deal with LCA of the projects under certification and these in turn rely of product based LCA and summary LCA reporting called Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

There is currently billions of dollars worth of projects engaged in these rating tools that are, or will be, potentially looking for LCA information on products and requesting consultants to assist in project based LCA needs. As the GBCA’s old tools are phased out and the newly introduced LCA centric credits and tools increase their usage over 2015 and beyond the demand for green building professionals to be familiar and competent with LCA is going to skyrocket. So ask yourself:



  • Do you want to be a part of this growth in LCA as it occurs?

  • Do you want to understand LCA and ensure that you can hold your own in team meetings when the new tools and LCA credits are discussed?

  • Would you like to grow your expertise to create a new professional niche?

  • Do you want to expand your network and practice capability into LCA?


   If so then this conference is for you…..



Aims for the conference:


  • Demonstrate the potential for LCA to improve the environmental performance of buildings and to reduce cost for environmental compliance and innovation.

  • To connect developers, construction companies and design professionals with the LCA professionals.

  • Present applications of the LCA currently being undertaken in the materials, building and construction sectors.

  • Show the recent developments in the databases, tools and approaches for LCA in building and construction.

  • Building consensus around LCA methods relating to building and construction.


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