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Sustainability Assessor joins AusBuildLCA

The Evah Institute is today announced as a Bronze Sponsor of AusBuildLCA, the inaugural Australian Life Cycle Assessment Conference for Building and Construction.

“Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is recognised as one of the best methods of measuring eco-burdens and benefits," says Institute Director Del Jones. “It is a window on innovation as well as due diligence.”

Evah provides sustainability reports, supply chain profiles; full building LCA, Environmental Product Declarations plus data, advice and know-how to help business reduce carbon, waste and risk.

“The global scale of habitat deterioration and destruction, climate change and depletion of natural resources has elicited responses worldwide.”

“We have enabled world leading sustainability building projects, practice, tools and systems since 1996,” she says “Our team is experienced in specification, design, manufacturing, process engineering, industrial ecology and procurement.”

At AusBuildLCA, Evah Associates will present a history of Australian whole building analysis.

The Evah team will also present on outcomes of grown fabrics such as polyethylene roofing for Beijing Olympics to rayon from wood fibre, cashmere upholstery and insulation wools.

“We also show how LCA can reach beyond zero built burdens and impacts to integrate positive regeneration and wellness outcomes. Case studies compare business as usual applications with minimum and maximum recycled and biomass share metal, concrete, ceramic etc.”

Evah Associates are also presenting on honeybee and forestry products at AgriFoodLCA, The 1st Australian Life Cycle Assessment Conference for Agriculture and Food.

To hear more new approaches enabling business and the environment, book your ticket to AgriFoodLCA, LCM Australia 2015, AusBuildLCA or book your delegate pass for the full five days.

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