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ALCAS introduces new Building and Construction Conference for 2015 series

The national peak body for LCA professionals, the Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society (ALCAS), introduces AusBuildLCA, The 1st Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Conference for Building and Construction.

On 26th and 27th November, AusBuildLCA will take place in the Melbourne CBD at Mercure Treasury Gardens overlooking the city’s renowned parkland and located within the fastest growing council area in the country.

“As the Green Building Council of Australia, Urban Development Institute of Australia and Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia introduce new LCA centric credits and tools, the demand for green building professionals with LCA skills will surge,” says ALCAS president Rob Rouwette.

Australia-wide, the current annual value of work done on building and construction projects is more than $228 billion.

“With organisations looking to measure and manage corporate social responsibility issues as well as an increased demand for transparency by customers and end users, rating tools are fast becoming an essential feature of project management.”

This conference forms part of ALCAS’s three conference series in Melbourne from 23rd to 27th November 2015. The stand-alone Building and Construction Conference will be hosted for the first time along with the 1st Agriculture and Food Conference and 9th Life Cycle Management Conference.

The ALCAS conference series will present new data, tools and approaches, showing how to ride the wave of business opportunities that emerge from transforming to a more sustainable society. It will also host discussions on how a systematic approach to combat climate change and promote sustainability is key to achieving a low carbon economy.

“Billions of dollars worth of Australian projects engage rating tools that require Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) information regarding the products that are used. By understanding the environmental impacts and benefits over the whole of life, companies can improve a structure’s performance and identify opportunities for reducing capital and operating costs,” explains Rob.

LCM Australia 2015, The 9th Australian Conference on Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Management, on 24th and 25th November will explore the industry’s rating tools shift to LCA examine the drivers and benefits of LCM.

AgriFoodLCA, The 1st Life Cycle Assessment Conference for Agriculture and Food Industry, on 23rd and 24th November will provide the opportunity for industry to understand the global developments that will help shape the environmental future of the industry.

“As markets increasingly embrace green standards, LCA information may soon be essential for products sold to many international markets,” says Rob. “These conferences will enable business leaders, policy makers and industry experts to explore the strategic benefits of life cycle approaches.”

Book your tickets to AusBuildLCA today.

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